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Behind every card, there's a story.

At Gotamago, we create ethical works of art you can keep, give, or share with your loved ones: cards for every birthday and occasion, eco-wrapping paper, gift tags, calendars, and more. Give them away or frame them for yourself; Gotamago is your story and ours. Handmade and printed in Canada. Available to the world.

La JoLee 

La Jolee is an illustrated stationery and lifestyle brand based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by illustrator and designer Jo Lee, the company formed in 2013 with humble beginnings, launching only two card styles. What began as a small side project of greeting cards has grown into a multi-faceted business.

She believes in creating fun, whimsical and sometimes cheeky illustrations that range from the everyday to the special moments in life. Jo hopes that her goods inspire you to share these moments with others.


Bartholomew Sisters

Bartholomew Sisters offers all natural vegan skin care products including hair, facial and body care. Our specialities include Shea butter and liquid black soap.

Our History: Our family's lineage is from West Africa Ghana, so growing up we learnt the importance of moisturizing our skin daily, but never grew to understand the benefits. 8 years ago we were finally taught how to make our own body creams from our grandmother ensuring we always got "pure" unrefined shea directly from our family still living in Ghana. We began experimenting and understanding the traditional healing abilities of the shea.

Christopher Rouleau

Christopher Rouleau is a graphic designer, letterer, and visual artist living in Toronto. He's one of the co-founders of Ligatures, Toronto's hub for typography. Chris is also an instructor, author, public speaker, and a regular contributor for Uppercase Magazine.


Laura Slack Chocolate Artist

Laura Slack

Laura Slack is a Toronto based artisan chocolatier and pastry chef.  An avid baker since childhood, Laura honed her passion through a combination of formal education and practical work experience. 

Laura has her own store under the name Maisonette in the Distillery District where her Drink of the Gods Ultimate Drinking Chocolate is a popular feature at the Toronto Christmas Market.